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Best Contract Lifecycle Management by Apttus

Apttus Contract Management is one of the most functionally rich solutions available today. Its enterprise-grade capabilities can manage to any type of contract, process or function. The solution is modular, so you choose which part of the contract function you wish to automate. It can be used by a handful of users or up to tens of thousands of users.

Apttus Contract Management is utilized by hundreds of thousands of users today. Many of the Fortune 500, global companies and smaller companies utilize Apttus. The solution is structured in modules which allow for the complete, end-to-end lifecycle of request, creation, negotiation, storage, electronic signature, compliance and analytics.

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Creating a New Landing Page in Pardot

A landing page is a particular web page that a visitor generally reaches after clicking a link or advertisement. This page typically displays content that is specific to the advertisement, or link clicked. Just driving visitors directly to your home page can be an ineffective method of converting prospects, as they aren’t presented with tailored content. A landing page presents an efficient path designed to stimulate a specific action by the visitor.

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