Reasons Why NGOs Can`t Say ‘NO’ to Salesforce

Successfully running a non-profit organization is certainly not as easy as it is often touted. With stricter rules being imposed by the state heads around the globe makes it tough for the NGOs. One of the prominent among these issues would be the employment of unskilled management. In...

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Step by Step Guide to Create Product Bundle in Salesforce CPQ

What is a Product Bundle? A Product Bundle is a combination of different products and services that are sold to consumers as one combined product or service package. For any of the CPQ solutions, Product creation is the first step. Salesforce CPQ provides the facility to configure...

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How Salesforce Mobile App Can Be Beneficial for Your Organization?

In the digital age, where the competition among businesses is increases, more and more organizations are adopting mobile-friendly technologies. It helps them stay ahead of their competitors as well as grow their business successfully. Among all the technologies, the Salesforce mobile...

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Difference Between Salesforce Visualforce Vs. Salesforce Lightning

Both Salesforce Visualforce, as well as the Salesforce Lightning, has some essential features that help enhance the business operations. Visualforce helps the easy implementation of the database of the businesses. Similarly, the Lightning components are a completely new version of the...

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What is the Key Difference between Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud?

Both Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud are the essential modules of Salesforce. Service Cloud emphasizes on the cases and the services. It helps the companies to sell their products as well as services. Sales Cloud is the module that allows the companies to emphasize potential lead...

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Trends to Watch Out for Salesforce Development Services in 2020-2021

Salesforce Development services are eyeing towards debugging and rectifying the business applications to run seamlessly with the implementation of the prominent tools and platforms. The use of Salesforce Development services ensures the best user experience from the application by...

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How To Find A Reliable Salesforce Partner for Your Next Project?

In recent times, more and more businesses are adopting Salesforce to achieve better success. But to ensure effective implementation, you would require a reliable Salesforce consulting company or Salesforce partner. With the help of the certified Salesforce professionals, meeting the...

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How to Make Use of Salesforce to Manage the Employee Reimbursement System?

Dealing with employee reimbursement systems has never been easy for different organizations. With piles of receipts, managing employee reimbursement is a difficult process. The employee reimbursement system actually refers to the process of paying back the employees the amount of money...

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Steps to Integrate Quickbooks with Salesforce

Quickbooks is an accounting software package built and marketed by intuit. Quickbooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium sized organizations and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills,...

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Top Benefits of using Salesforce for Nonprofit Organizations (NGOs)

When it comes to non-profit organizations across the globe, they face a number of challenges. The increasing issues act as obstacles in their path of growth and success. Some of the major problems faced by the NGOs include inefficient management and lack of organizational solutions. In...

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