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What is Dreamforce? A Brief Descriptions about Dreamforce.

What is Dreamforce? Dreamfest is one of the most fun and inspiring nights at Dreamforce. Dreamforce is held by Salesforce. Dreamfest is where attendees can gather to rock out and dance the night away. Dreamforce is four days and nights filled with networking opportunities —...

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5 Steps To Improve Customer Experience Service With Salesforce

Customer experience management means caring about the end-to-end experience your brand has with its prospects, customers, and brand evangelists. Managing the customer experience requires attention to detail at all steps along the path to purchase, from the content created to...

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Introduction of Salesforce Einstein. How it is useful to boost your sales?

Introduction Salesforce Einstein :-  Salesforce Einstein is an artificial intelligence(AI) technology that has been developed for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. Einstein is Your Smart Salesforce CRM Assistant.AI is at an evolutionary tipping point with...

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Global Object and Related Records Search

Salesforce has added another shortcut option to the instant result dropdown box. When you know particular object you want to search, type the name of the object in the search box. There will be the option to limit your search to that object only. This feature is available in...

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Search for Contacts Using the Account Name

Now you will be able to find the right person, right away. Simply by entering a contact and account name while you search. This change will apply to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app. It is available in All Editions except...

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View Account Relationships Using Account Hierarchy

Account hierarchy gives the sales team an overview of the relationships between parent and child accounts. This feature is now available to Lightning Experience users with a plus point: Now you can customize hierarchy columns to show the details that are most useful to your sales...

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