Top 5 reasons why you should switch to Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is the latest version update that is available in the Salesforce domain and User Interface. The underlying idea of introducing Salesforce Lightning is to speed up the entire CRM process. With Salesforce Lighting you can administer your business faster by creating robust, customized Salesforce Lightning apps that your employees, as well as the customers, would love. Many companies who have been using the Salesforce lightning framework says that they can easily improve the total productivity and reduce average hours of weekly per employee around 10 hours. Salesforce users can sell more product in easy manner and provide service in a more customized manner.

1)  Scale your Profits with a fully optimized mobile experience

Lightning was a planned endeavour of Salesforce starting from its earliest stage with a mobile-optimized upgraded UI. Its structure was first created for the Salesforce1 Mobile App and framed the premise of Salesforce’s reimagined dashboard experience. This means mobile users can really maintain their business from anyplace, any time — even when they are disconnected and then sync whenever they get connected again. From deals examination to handling field service, it’s all there readily available at your fingertips.

2)  The Dynamic Lightning App Builder Features

One of the most crucial attributes of Lightning is, as the name suggests, its lightning speed of functioning that does not, in any way, hamper the performance of the applications built on it. The Salesforce Lightning platform offers users with an absolutely unique feature, ‘Salesforce Lightning Components’. With the assistance of Salesforce Lightning Components, applications can be built in a very small frame of time with utmost efficiency. Building an application with components encourages parallel outlining and enhancing the general improvement in productivity. This feature lets the developer couple one component with the other which eliminates the use of code and saves an ample amount of time and automates the entire process. The base of the web app or mobile app can be constructed with the help of Lightning Components and later on customized as per the convenience of the businesses/clients.

3)  Lightning Voice

Speaking of new features, Lightning Voice for Salesforce is a game-changer for salespeople. It connects them to customers and prospects faster than ever by enabling voice calls directly within Sales Cloud. This means wherever you are using Salesforce, including on your mobile device, you can make and receive calls in context, while taking notes and logging these calls at the same time. You can even choose a number that’s local to your territory.

4)  Lightning for Outlook

Salesforce and Microsoft have developed a strategic partnership which brings on the world’s #1 CRM and the world’s leading productivity suite together. Presently you can get to Lightning from your Outlook, without hopping between programs. The 100% cloud-based Lightning Sync likewise keeps your contacts and timetable up and coming across your Salesforce silo and your Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

5) Incorporates Amazing Selling Features

The new Lightning experience offers access to 55 new Sales Cloud pages and more than 150 amazing features to enhance the capability and productivity of any given business. Features like quarterly performance charts, workspace management, custom-made dashboards, and others help your business to regain success with accurate data.

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Top 5 Reasons to Migrate Your CRM to Salesforce Lightning

It is essential for any businesses to move from outdated software development tools to the latest ones to increase productivity and ROI. With intuitive services and tools to automate the business processes with the feature of external application integration, the Salesforce Lightning platform is robust and new-age CRM technology. If your Salesforce development team is still using Salesforce classic to complete your business projects, then Salesforce Lightning is a new platform can assist you to take your business to the new level.

⇒ In CRM world why we are using Salesforce CRM?

1. Personalization

There is a wide range of report widgets that allow you to analyze the performance of the business from different angles. Salesforce enables rapid customization for most business processes and for different industries. Solution in the cloud With Salesforce, you can take your business wherever you are, like in the cloud. As a result, businesses need fewer resources at the office to do business. Every employee can access CRM from all over the world and contribute to overall productivity.

2. Less Dependencies More Compatibility

It does not matter which browser your company uses (or which employee works remotely). Internet Explorer, Chrome or Opera, Salesforce has its CRM compatible with all major browsers.

3. No software’s (Quick Start)

You do not need to install software. There is also no material required. Salesforce gives you the unique opportunity to manage your business in a matter of days. Cloud localization provides real-time access to data and increases business efficiency by minimizing response times.

4. Very simple to manage

An intelligible navigation bar is placed at the top of the window. All tabs are divided into several categories, such as Home, Accounts, Contacts, Potential Customers, Opportunities, Campaigns, Forecasts, and more. As a result, it reduces the cost of using CRM by resuming staff training.

5. Business Automation

Salesforce CRM allows you to manage more efficient businesses. Sales managers can closely monitor the “purchase funnel”, analyze it in detail and adjust the sales strategy based on the information received.

6. Effective management

You can follow the activities of your staff. Tasks, past calls, sent emails … you can easily gather all activities and get a clear multidimensional picture of your progress, status of scheduled and completed tasks, as well as share information with the respective employees.

7. Collaboration using Chatter

This makes social media functionality Chatter very easy to use, which can help businesses find collaboration. The appearance of popular social networks makes it very familiar and easy for users to understand. Features such as news viewing, status updates, link sharing, and file download are available directly from the panel.

And many more…

⇒ Now the Customer wants these all But what are the Facts that he likes the Salesforce in daily use?

  • Good GUI with Quicker development.

→ Lightning Components framework are the reusable Components.
→ By using Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components framework you can develop faster and                  visually appealing applications.

  • Built In components without code.

→ If you don’t have Coding skills, still you can build apps and UIs using these reusable Drag and drop                  lightning components.

  • Home page as sales User

It’s made up of components which can be Most Important for sales people.
→ Quarterly Performance for sales users How many closed? How many are 70 percent closed? And wha             is the goal?

→ What leads are assigned me today?
→ What opportunity i need to pay attention?
→ Any New leads assigned me today, overdue opportunities which have closed date in past, opportunity           with no next step task assigned or no activity at all for 30 days.
→ You can directly create new task, meeting which will be so easy for the sales user to keep user on track.
→ Today’s task is so intuitive the focus is what things to be done and if done update the status as done.

  • Layout of record Pages

→ Layout for Standard salesforce objects like contact, account, opportunity are Focused on action.
→ Activity Time lines which is better to understand the Contact’s activity, you can derive what I do next            to keep potential deals moving. What already have been done by me or other in account team?
→ Put your related records as components will add functionality to give user a time saving efforts on                  their task in Salesforce.

  • Sales Paths and kanban views

→ It gives you navigation on opportunity stages on Opportunity Detail page. Which clearly says that                   Opportunity stage is this and it will be moving forward?
→ For the path of opportunity you can define what fields should be used?
→ Kanban Views will help you to visualize all your deliverables in one space on whiteboard.

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Create Bookmark using Favourite in Salesforce Lightning

If you’re acquainted with customizing tab sets in Salesforce Classic, you’ll welcome the way you can personalize your Lightning Experience navigation with Favorites. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

Favorites allow you quick access to important records, lists, dashboards, groups, and other frequently used pages in Salesforce. They’re like bookmarks in a web browser but better because your Favourite are available regardless of which browser or computer you use to log into Lightning Experience.


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