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Pardot Implementation

A leading pharmaceutical company based on Australia manufactures antifungal medicine whose bioavailability is twice than an itraconazole capsule. They want to increase their sales from existing customers and find new enthusiastic customers for new launches and support. Furthermore, on top of that, they also want to track every customer’s activity to analyze how much they are interested in their products on the basis of the actions they take.

Project Length: 1 month

Team Size: 2

Our Role: Our role was of Developer, Pardot Specialists and expert.


The major challenges faced by our client was they saw a significant change in their sales ratio, and they want to increase their sales ratio with the help of the Salesforce Pardot email marketing campaign with video. In addition, they need landing page and lead generation campaigns where their go-to-customers visit their booth and fill out lead form. They also wanted to optimize their CRM data for lead nurturing and lead generation campaigns. The challenges faced by developers is they need to use a pardot form for the mentioned UI for landing page. Also, if they make small changes in any of the tracking links then it will affect their prospects creation and tracking.


The solution to this is to create an email marketing campaign with Salesforce pardot. Our highly expert Salesforce developers created a landing page and used form handler with benefits of the form using JavaScript in layout template. Our Pardot experts built a marketing campaign with video and automation rules to capture more leads and increase sales. Also, we have created an automation rule which creates reports of visitors to get genuine users.

Key Functionalities

Lead Nurturing

When an anonymous website visitor shares enough information about themselves to become a qualified lead, it’s because they’re interested in your brand. Lead nurturing campaigns are meant to communicate with each Lead and customer on an individual level by sending them emails and content based on their search and interest.

Lead Assignment

A company has synchronized Pardot with a veeva CRM and they wish to send all Pardot Lead to be sync with crm and assign to rep based on territory they belong with a follow up task to be created for that rep to reach Lead before the due date.

Lead Conversion

Once rep connects with Lead and if Lead is interested and closes a deal it will convert to a practitioner.

Existing Customers Nurturing

We had used Engagement studio for a new campaign with old leads. Engagement studio recommends the next step based on prospect nurture goals.


We had created different automation for setting grades and scores which help us to get more genuine users.

Discuss your project requirements with our experts

Discuss your project requirements with our experts