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Problem Statement :-
Customer Wanted to have form handler where user give their details and in return user details will get stored in pardot and PDF book will be sent out to them via email that they have added. In addition to that they wanted to track this registrations.

Project Length :- 1 month

Team Size :- 2

Website :-

GetOnCRM Solutions

New Form Handler Creation:-

  • Need Form Handler mapped with an existing form on our website (WordPress).
  • The existing form is located on the “FX Insider” (Published 2015/12/21) page on WordPress.
  • Please map all material that is already existing in the current form.
  • Put the Success form completion URL location.

Tracking Code Implementation:-

  • Track visitor and prospect activity while viewing pages.

Our Role:- Our role was Business analyst, Solution architect, and developer.


  1. Since Pardot was new for us we learned it from groups, Guide, blogs, and the Internet
  2. We were not knowing How to send a pdf guide in an email

Solutions :-
We have created Email landing pages and on download we have created actions which send an email with specific pdf book as an attachment.
We have added tracking code in all pages to make it traceable by pardot.

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Discuss your project requirements with our experts

Discuss your project requirements with our experts