Customer was having educational products which needs to configured and priced well according to their needs and to make this pricing streamline they bought a Attus CPQ.

Salesforce Mobile App Solution Healthcare Recruitment

We need to create API for ios and Android Mobile. Also we need to send Notification in mobile when the records create in salesforce.

CRM Sales Tools

In managed packaged for each object have different classes and different API calls for that we implemented comman classes and comman API.

EM Home

Implemented EM Home Software functionality to Salesforce, Added functionality for generating Contract and report from Online tool (Visualforce Page to create Energy Assessment Record)

Alexa echo dot integration with Salesforce

Alexa Echo dot integration with Salesforce
Our Role :- Our role was Business Analysis, Solution architect and developer.

Video Interview Module

Client is having recruitment app onAppExchange and they wanted to include feature of video interview in their product for their existing customers.

Apttus CPQ Implementation & Enhancement

Easy to set up and easy to use, GetOnCRM provide best Apttus CPQ Implementation & Enhancement solutions associate with Apttus. It is very useful to increase revenue with faster quote cycle time.

Education Domain Customer

A leading education company is having products which they are selling it all over US and canada region’s school. Also they wanted to have pricing based on certain attribute of products

Pardot Implementation for Convoso

Project Name :- Pardot Implementation for Convoso
Our Role :- Our role was Business analyst, Solution architect and developer.

Pardot Implementation for Traders4traders ( Finance )

Project Name :- Pardot Implementation for Traders4traders
Our Role :- Our role was Business analyst,Solution architect…

Pardot Implementation for AMPCO Contract

Project Name :- Pardot Implementation for AMPCO Contract
Our Role :- Our role was Business analyst,a Solution architect and developer.

Development Specification: Question and Answer

Client needs component from where Users can view a summary list of questions by clicking on the “Questions” tab on the record. From this summary view..

Development Specification: QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS

Users can click the tab for Quantitative Analysis to view component as a table configured as an accordion view wherein only…

Development Specification: Lightning Buttons

The client is going through their Lightning Migration. There are a number of Buttons on their current classic page which are actually…