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Problem Statement :- Client is having recruitment app onAppExchange and they wanted to include feature of video interview in their product for their existing customers.

Our Role :- Our role was Business Analysis, Solution architect and

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Challenges :-
1) Salesforce does not provide video capture feature.
2) Managed package code.
3) API for Video integration.
Solution :-

  • We have given solution to integrate with one .net based Expert review system which was having video interview feature.We have given following functionality to them.

Key Functionalities :-
1) Visualforce Page which opening through from job applicant.
2) Question selection from target recruit question bank and from expert view question bank.
3) View and review selected questions and Deletion of selected questions from the selected list.

4) Interview time and date selection.
5) Email notification to a candidate with a link through which he can appear for the video interview.
6) On completion of the video interview, we provided Status in the interview object.
7) Once the Interview is completed Snapshots and video is available under the interview record. GOC Project Case Study
8) To view a specific answer of the specific question in a video we have given feature to start the video at that point.
9) Screenshot captured and saved in aws server whose link was available under Interview object.
Benefits :-

  • By this module this becomes one of the USP when compare to their competitors on salesforce.

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Discuss your project requirements with our experts