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Problem statement :- A leading education company is having technical education-related products which they are selling it all over the US and Canada region’s school. They were already using sales logic which was a desktop base system but now they are moving to a web-based system for which they have selected as CRM and for Configuration and pricing setup they selected Apttus CPQ but Apttus CPQ does not have the functionality to associate product with Sites. Also, there are certain other features that are missing in Apttus CPQ. To resolve this we did some enhancement in theirSalesforce System with the Apttus CPQ system.

Project Length :- 1.5 year
Team Size :- 3

GetOnCRM Solutions

Our Role :- Our role was Apttus CPQ product Expert, Solution
architect and developer.
Challenges :-
1) Our first challenge was this project was already
developed by some other consultants. So the client actually gave this to three other consultants before they gave us.
2) We started modifying other consultant’s code and we found that it needs architecture changes.
3) They wanted to show 100000 records in a page without
pagination, which is technically not feasible, and salesforce is not allowing this using the VF page.
4) While Developing solutions we come across few governor limit issues such as Apex CPU time limit exceeds, Scripting statement, Heap size issue, view state limit, etc.
Solution :-
We provided the solution by creating one VF page and several object’s and associated those objects with Apttus database objects. We developed the following feature on that page.
Key Functionalities :-

  • Map multiple sites with multiple Products (Line item)
  • Display 10000 Sites on a single page using angular JS with 5000 each on one page.
  • Filtering of 10000 sites based on Site, Term, and Product on the client side.
  • Inline Quantity edit and Roll up to its Line item.
  • Given shorting each column using angular JS.
  • Expand and collapsible view of Product to see its associated Sites.

Association Screen functionality

  • Can add up to 2500 sites into selected site.
  • Can search and display up to 15000 sites at a time.
  • Paging of 15000 record and displaying 500 per page.
  • Shorting of each column for same page on selected site section and search site section.
  • Can filter sites based on Account, Proposal Id, Enrollment, Status, SLXId, State etc.
  • Ability to drag and resize associate screen.
  • Ability to associate 5000 site at a time.
  • Ability to clear all selected site with single click and Show selected site which shows your existing selection.
  • Ability to remove all sites with single click
  • Ability to Validate 10000 record against Asset line item.
  • Showing Overlap error if asset matches with the criteria given
  • Showing renewal error if date is overriding.
  • Showing Grade level Validation if grade is not matching with product.
  • Shared Site validation
  • Quantity validation if it is not matching with given quantity.

Error information Screen building

  • Created Pop up screen which display when user click on error icon.
  • It is showing user detailed information about error andconflict record details.
  • Given Error correction suggestion text with record link so user can understand error details.
  • Given overlap record with which record is getting overlapped. Asset record and proposal record with link so user can cross check with current cart’s line item
  • Export functionality to export all error conflict details
    to excel so that they van verify offline and come again
    to resolve those error.

Copy Functionality :-

  • Given copy button on map site screen so that user can easily copy sites from 1 product to another product without going to associate screen.

Remove Functionality :-

  • Given remove button to remove entire product with the site and specific selected sites from the map site screen.

Custom search functionality :-

  • Showing associated unique site on associate site screen with green mark.
  • Searching with 6 different fields using tabs.
  • Associating only 5000 records in single call and window will not close until user close it.

Benefits :-

  • After building this features they were able to improve their selling
    cycle and Quotation process faster than earlier.

Few snaps :-

Discuss your project requirements with our experts

Discuss your project requirements with our experts