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The client is a subsidiary of USA-based Fintech Global, specializing in the provision of analytical services such as ratings, research, risk, and policy advisory services. Their diverse range of clients includes lenders, investors, market intermediaries, banks, NBFCs, PSUs, financial institutions, state governments, urban local bodies, as well as asset and wealth management firms.

The Challenges

Managing the sales journey from start to finish using traditional methods involving manual and legacy tools was a cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone process.
Manual and Error-Prone Processes: The client managed the entire sales process manually using traditional tools like Microsoft Office and spreadsheets, leading to errors and consuming a lot of time and effort.
Slow Workflow: Due to the lack of a centralized repository, the sales team spent significant time collecting and verifying data, resulting in delays in the customer journey from receiving mandates to releasing ratings.
Absence of Business Views: Disparate Excel sheets were used to generate reports, limiting the ability to generate advanced insights based on client data, and missing out on utilizing insights to enhance customer experience.
Limited Scalability: The manual and legacy tool-based processes had limited scalability, making it difficult for the client to handle a growing volume of customers and sales data effectively.

The Solution

GETONCRM conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s requirements and recommended the implementation of Salesforce, the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. With GETONCRM’s assistance, the client was able to centralize their lead management, customer management, mandate processing, and billing activities onto a single platform, which was also accessible through mobile devices. This solution improved the client’s operational efficiency and enabled them to provide better customer service.

Salesforce CRM & Lightning Experience

Custom dashboards were designed for different sets of users based on their requirements and usability.
A customized screen was developed, allowing multiple products to be attached in a single screen to create a mandate with the required details.
The system was configured to automate communication with customers through reminders on due dates and scheduled tasks.
A discounting mechanism was implemented to calculate the final amount and future surveillance mandates.
The implementation of Salesforce CRM & Lightning Experience resulted in the creation of a centralized database, enabling smoother business process management.
Integration with other systems, including the billing/invoicing system, was established to enable the sending and receiving of the required results with just a few clicks.
The Salesforce Lightning platform-based app development provided a new UI and accessibility across multiple devices like Desktops, Mobiles, and Tablets.

The Business Impact

Simplified Lead Management and Mandate Processing for All Stakeholders

The implementation of Salesforce streamlined the client's lead management and mandate processing, resulting in a more efficient sales process for all stakeholders.

Improved Customer Journey

The centralized system for managing the sales process enabled the client to improve the overall customer journey, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

Increased ROI from Salesforce Investments

The implementation of Salesforce resulted in better user adoption and overall performance, leading to an increased ROI from the client's Salesforce investments.

Significant Reduction in Mandate-to-Rating Time

Salesforce implementation resulted in a significant reduction in the time taken between receiving mandates and releasing ratings, leading to cost optimization.

Increased Productivity of IT Team

The client's IT team was able to increase productivity with enhanced support from GETONCRM through a flexible, robust, and responsive managed service solution.

Salesforce Maintenance and Support Services For Best Salesforce Experience

GETONCRM provided the client with flexible, robust, and resilient 24*7 tailor-made Salesforce managed services to help achieve peak performance of the Salesforce system.

Client Quote


GetOnCRM's salesforce implementation centralized our sales process, resulting in operational efficiencies and better customer service.