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Accounting Seed Implementation

Our client is a global leader in experiential education and trusted international internship program provider for 100+ leading universities worldwide. The organization offers international internships in career fields related to architecture, business, fashion, law, social work, psychology, journalism, engineering, and many more. They also provide virtual/remote internships to gain invaluable professional experience. We are partnered with some of the most prestigious organizations in the world, through to small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial startups.

Project Length: 2 month

Team Size: 3

Our Role: Salesforce Specialist & Solution Architect


Client is already using the many AppExchange products of Salesforce to manage their accounting system and manage the payment and banking information. They need to automate their accounting process on the closing post deposit of the opportunity. Our client is already using the account seed application of AppExchange to automate their accounting process. The challenge part was to deal with the managed package of the accounting seed and payment center and automate their manual process of creating the credit memo and managing the accounting period.

Solution & Approach

Our team of Salesforce specialist & solutions architects first studied the objective of building a solution on accounting seed AppExchange app for client’s requirement of billing credit memo of the accounting seed. The solution implements a high amount of automation and customized configuration to capture details in specified categories.

Our developer has deeply understood the existing flow of their accounting process, managing payment, invoicing & billing methodology and depending on that they implemented a business logic to achieve this requirement. They have also done analysis of accounting seed for the Solution of this automation – invoice & billing, instalments & payment, cash receipts, applied credit memos to invoice, applied invoices to credit memo and amortized revenue with debit & credit GL account. Our developer used an accounting seed global method for the posting of the Billing & Revenue Expenses.

Key Benefits

Our client has implemented accounting seed solutions that are centralized, automated which customized and eliminates manual errors and causes reduction of manual efforts as well as eliminates repetitive work. Also it now enables them to capture data at source and standardizes the process so that all workers abide with best practices. Moreover, it also allows them to change and improve processes continuously without having to train as the system drives the process.

Discuss your project requirements with our experts

Discuss your project requirements with our experts