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A leading Company wants to give a discount to their Reseller Partners when they help them to crack a new Deal. Firstly they gather all the partners who can help them out for the deal with different quotations and decide which is more suitable for their company and for third parties too. They want a new cart view based on a primary partner which can be changed from quote with different kinds of discounts and different calculation for the products based on which kind of Deal it is Renewal, Upsell or a New/Business.

Project Length: 4 month

Team Size: 3

Our Role: Our role was Apttus CPQ product Expert, Solution architect and developer.


  • We are working in an environment where major codes are managed packages so we can`t change it, very few are available for updating purposes.
  • On modifying code we came across challenges like some methods from the managed package were called after our part.
  • If we resolve it then it leads us to few governor limit issues such as Apex CPU time limit exceeds,  SOQL Limit exceeds, etc.
  • And while creating field relationship formulas it steer to exceeding character limit.
  • Also for Testing a quote with each procedure consumes a lot of time.


We provided the solution to keep all validations which we are doing using formula fields can be done through validation callback and for rest calculation for cart can be done using pricing callback.

Key Functionalities

Partner Selection page is modified based on discount category and reseller type.

Cart View

  • Created a separate flow based on kind of Deal and our new Discount base.
  • For which cart has different actions and buttons layout.
  • Also every page in cart has a different UI that is updated for more convenience.

Partner base Discount

Sales rep had given each Product to allow different kind of discount. Every Account had allowed discounts for selected partners and if they quote a deal using that partner then they get a discount. Sales reps can also give manual discounts for each product and based on which we make every calculation for quoting a deal.

Generate Margin for different Partner

Created a button on quote which displays different partners with their applied discounts and how much profit we get if we provide these discounts to third party. Based on which we can Decide by which partner selection we get maximum profit.


Upgraded older version to give discounts to their trusted partners for refereeing them for a new Business Co-operations. It will also encourage partners for further Refer.

Discuss your project requirements with our experts

Discuss your project requirements with our experts