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Category: Salesforce Einstein

Generative AI and Einstein GPT: The Future of Customer Service

The business landscape has witnessed a profound shift in recent decades, driven mainly by technological advancements. From the dawn of computing to the emergence of the internet, each epochal change has paved the way for newer paradigms. Enter the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)...

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How Salesforce Einstein is Highly Beneficial For Online Business?

Salesforce Einstein currently is the most upgraded product from the leading CRM Company called Salesforce. Through effective Salesforce Einstein analytics implementation, one can consider it a smart bot that can provide incredible insights, assumptions, recommendations, etc., to better...

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Benefits of Salesforce Einstein Analytics for Sales Managers

The demand for the AI-powered Salesforce Einstein is increasing among the businesses. The evolution of Salesforce Einstein Analytics has brought about a significant change in how the sales managers of businesses analyze the sales data. By providing real-time insights, it has taken the...

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Top Benefits of Salesforce Einstein AI for Enhanced Customer Service

Customer service remains a top priority for every business. In order to serve the customers better and enhance their reputation, businesses are increasingly adopting the Salesforce Einstein AI. The Salesforce Einstein AI comes with modern and sophisticated features and delivers...

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How to Set Up an Einstein Bot in Salesforce?

Step 1: Turn Lightning Experience On! With the right users set up for Lightning Experience, you’re ready to go live. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn on Lightning Experience using the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant. From Setup in Salesforce Classic, click Get Started in...

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